Associate Community Organizer

The Direct Action and Research Training (DART) Center | Miami Shores, FL
Date posted: January 6, 2022
Associate Community Organizer
Contact Name: Melissa Pluss
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 720-668-4567
Deadline: 01-23-22

At the Direct Action and Research Training Center (DART), we believe powerlessness is the root cause of community problems. We work to unite people of faith, because when we organize together, we can ensure that our values for justice and fairness are alive in our cities. Our national network of 28 justice ministry organizations brings together congregations across racial, religious and socioeconomic lines to pursue justice in their communities. Unlike charities and direct service providers, DART organizations seek long-term, sustainable improvements at a systemic level. DART organizations regularly conduct direct action assemblies in which thousands of people from a cross-section of faith traditions publicly hold decision-makers accountable on local justice issues. DART organizations’ recent victories include: multi-million dollar investments in affordable housing, increased access to primary health and dental care, statewide legislation to rein in the payday loan industry, implementation of restorative justice practices in public schools, and the expansion of drug treatment programs to reduce criminal recidivism.

Job Description


Start Date: May, and August 2022
Schedule: Full-time
Location: Cities in Florida, Kansas, South Carolina, and Virginia

Who we Are
The Direct Action and Research Training Center (DART) is one of the largest faith-based community organizing networks in the country. Our 28 affiliated organizations span 9 states. By harnessing the power of organized people, these organizations hold political and economic systems accountable for acting fairly—pushing them to become more equitable and just. Since 1982 we have fought for and won policy changes that have addressed systemic failures which disproportionately harm low-income communities as well as communities of color.

Some of our collective victories include:

Hundreds of millions of dollars invested in affordable housing

Implementation of fair discipline policies in hundreds of schools, breaking the school-to-prison pipeline

Nearly $950 million invested in public transportation

Criminal justice reforms resulting in 5,000 fewer arrests of children in Florida each year

Why Choose DART:
DART is a network of doers. We understand that the road to a society free of racism and economic injustice is a long one that requires dedication and persistence. To create lasting change, we must do work that extends beyond charity and advocacy—while important, these efforts generally only serve as temporary solutions to permanent, systemic problems. In a world where the interests of the wealthy are prioritized, DART seeks to create communities that honor people power as the true catalyst for change.

DART stands out from other organizing networks thanks to our unrivaled investment in our team members through intentional training and development. You do not need to have prior organizing experience, as we provide the training you’ll need to be successful. During your first five months, you will receive intensive on-the-job training through the DART Organizers Institute. You will learn basic organizing principles and develop key organizing skills including: finding and developing leaders, issue research and strategy, power analysis, and one-to-one meetings. Ongoing professional development will continue through individualized coaching and mentoring, as well as local, regional, and national staff trainings and retreats.

About the Work:
Fifteen of our local affiliate organizations are hiring full-time Community Organizers who will train people of faith to hold political and economic systems accountable for justice. Your work will empower everyday people to advocate on their own behalf for justice in the form of affordable housing, police reform, public transportation and more. In time, your efforts will result in a noticeable shift in the power dynamics of the local community.

Day-to-day, organizers spend most of their time in the field coaching community leaders and recruiting new congregations to join the organization’s work. Through three annual processes, DART organizations identify community problems, research viable solutions, and rally people to demand the implementation of those solutions by public officials. As an organizer, you will foster relationships, develop leaders, drive forward issue campaigns, and manage the logistics of various events.

Primary Responsibilities:

Train and develop grassroots faith leaders on how to engage others within their congregations in the fight for justice

Guide grassroots faith leaders in conducting research and developing action plans for winnable issue campaigns

Recruit new grassroots faith leaders and congregations into the organization

Organize public actions

Coordinate an annual 6-8 week fundraising drive

Conduct an average of 10 one-to-one meetings with clergy and lay leaders per week

Understand and remain up-to-date on issues impacting your community on a local and national level

Who You Are:
DART community organizers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but the common denominators are a passion for justice and a strong desire to make change. As an ideal candidate, you are someone who is naturally curious, values strong relationships, and is energized by the prospect of uniting people around a common cause. You should have a demonstrated history of strong work ethic and proven ability to produce results through previous positions or other endeavors. Community organizers are afforded a great deal of autonomy when it comes to building their schedules. They also need to make themselves available to community members, many of whom work during the day, which may require organizers to work nights and weekends.

Successful organizers value action without ego, both internally and externally. This means you thrive in a culture of accountability and work hard to secure results.

The ideal candidate does not have to be personally religious. Because you will be working with faith communities on a daily basis, you should have a genuine respect for the faith traditions of others.

DART organizers are multi-faceted and actively seek environments that allow them to use a variety of skills or hone new ones. The ideal candidate thrives in a space where no two days are the same and welcomes work that is mentally stimulating.
DART organizations are diverse coalitions that include communities of color, low-to-moderate-income communities and immigrant communities. We strongly encourage people from these backgrounds, as well as fluent Spanish speakers and DACA recipients, to apply.

Skills and Characteristics:
• Core passion for justice and equity
• Excellent relationship-building skills
• Commitment to excellence in carrying out the organization’s mission
• Willingness to be trained to work with religious institutions
• Possession of a valid driver’s license and access to a car

Compensation and Benefits:
Starting salary varies by location and is $40,500-$44,000 annually depending on experience, plus health benefits, paid vacation, parental leave, mileage reimbursement, and more. Employer retirement contributions of 7-15% begin after one year of employment.

DART organizations are all equal opportunity employers.

How to Apply:
To apply follow the instructions listed here:

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