Associate for Christian Formation

Christ Church Grosse Point | Grosse Point Farms, MI
Date posted: July 17, 2023
Associate for Christian Formation
Contact Name: Sarah Megger
Contact Email: [email protected]
Deadline: Monday, August 14, 2023

Organization Description:

Denomination: Episcopal

Weekly Attendance: 200

Location: Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan

The Role: Associate For Christian Formation

Meet Christ Church:

What began as a Sunday School community for children in 1923 and Sunday worship services at “Old Christ Church”, ministry quickly expanded with the construction of the Christ Church Chapel, so named because it was envisioned as the first structure of a cathedral-like complex. The Chapel – today’s Christ Church – was dedicated on December 14, 1930.

Ministries included a rich worship life supported by the Choir of Men and Boys and, later, the Christ Church Girls’ Choir. As the years went on and their surrounding communities have changed and grown, new ministries have taken shape to nurture the people of Christ Church and support the community of Grosse Pointe and Metro Detroit.

Today, with their 100th anniversary fast approaching, Christ Church is looking forward with excitement as they consider life in service to Christ today, and for the years to come. This challenge is captured not only in their missional priorities for children, youth, and families; but for care within the community through continued work with ministry partners to improve housing stability, education equality, and food security within East Detroit. Reflecting both their commitment and the urgency of this work, the Vestry has made a strategic investment to expand ministry leadership and capacity in each of these critical ministry areas.

It is an exciting time to be at Christ Church as God calls them forward to celebrate what has been and to dream and work toward what will be. At the heart of it all, however, Christ Church remains the same: a vibrant Christian community rooted in the Episcopal tradition ever striving to Excel in Love for Christ, for one another, and for the community around them.

About the Position

The Associate (lay or ordained) will work directly with the Rector, staff (lay and ordained), and ministry volunteers to create, lead and manage all formation and fellowship programs for children, youth, and their parents and families, as well as spiritual formation for adults as disciples of Christ.

The Associate For Christian Formation Responsibilities:

The Associate will work with various ministry teams (consisting of lay and ordained members, serving as volunteers and staff) to provide leadership and support in assigned areas.

Children’s Ministry

The Associate is responsible for the design, development, oversight, and implementation of a comprehensive Church School program for our children (k-5th grade), including the nursery, Sunday School, Children’s Chapel, Wednesdays @ Christ Church, and related summer programs.

The Associate oversees the Parents’ Day Out Director, the Church School Director, and the Nursery Staff.

Youth Ministry

The Associate is responsible for the design, development, oversight, and implementation of a comprehensive Youth Ministry program for our youth (6th – 12th grade), including Sunday School, Wednesdays @ Christ Church, and related monthly and summer activities. They will work closely with and oversee a part-time youth minister for this purpose.

Family Ministry

The Associate is responsible for the design, development, oversight, and implementation of ministry programs and events that gather children, youth, parents, and families together for deepened fellowship, family formation, and community connection.

Naturally, the Associate for Christian Formation will work closely with the Church School Director and the Associate for Parish Life to develop a community of faith for families.

Adult Formation Ministry

The Associate is responsible for the design, development, oversight, and implementation of a comprehensive Adult Formation program, including Sunday and mid-week offerings, and the redevelopment of the Sweeny Lecture Series.

Naturally, the Associate for Christian Formation will work closely with the Rector, Associate for Parish Life and Community Engagement, and other members of the leadership team to develop a comprehensive annual program that builds on the skills and knowledge of the parish and clergy team.

Volunteer Development

The Associate is responsible for the recruitment, selection, training, and support of ministry volunteers to lead and support the ministry of Christian Formation.

Senior Staff

Senior Staff Leadership: As a member of the Senior Staff, the Associate will be responsible for ministry management and administration (including a budget, calendar, and communications planning), participation in the ongoing review and expansion of the comprehensive ministry of Christ Church, as well as the maintenance of a healthy, Christ-centered culture and community of faith, that seeks to Excel in Love.

Personal Development: The Associate is encouraged to seek out, and supported in her pursuit of, opportunities to expand ministry experience and responsibilities, and to participate in ongoing personal and spiritual formation that will further her personal life in Christ and ministry within Christ’s Church.

Ministry Development: The Associate will work closely with the rector, senior staff, and volunteer leadership teams to review priorities and enhance the ministries of Christ Church.

What You Bring:

Education & Experience

The ideal candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree and three+ years of experience in a similar area of relevant ministry.

Personal Characteristics

  • Passionate about Christ and His Church.
  • Possesses excellent interpersonal and written communication skills.
  • Able to transition from strategic conversations to hands-on ministry.
  • Comfortable receiving and giving feedback in a collaborative setting.
  • Has strong emotional intelligence and awareness of strength and weakness.
  • Has the ability or the capacity to articulate and understand spiritual frameworks.
  • Possesses the ability to mentor and train volunteers.
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