City Church – [Multiple Positions]

City Church San Francisco | San Francisco, CA
Date posted: March 9, 2023
City Church – [Multiple Positions]
Contact Email: [email protected]
Deadline: April 20, 2023


At City Church San Francisco, we aspire to be an inclusive community that follows Jesus with our heads, our heart, and our hands. We are guided by our core beliefs and pursue this with a commitment to anti-racist values.



We are seeking to build a team that is enthusiastic about this vision and has experience learning, serving, and experimenting with ways to share the life-giving, liberating, and loving message of Jesus Christ. Because of this, and because we have several ministry areas in need of leadership, we are approaching our search process a little differently.We are looking for a kind of person…– Committed Christian. Can speak critically, compassionately, intelligently, and with conviction about how the life-giving, liberating, and loving work of Jesus animates their own life and sense of call to inclusive ministry.– Collaborative. Enjoys the process of ideation and problem-solving with others, receiving constructive feedback, appreciates diverse perspectives, and is self-aware.– Open to Correction. A humble orientation to ministry, work, and execution that builds in feedback loops, is comfortable with admitting when things didn’t go as planned, and can approach failure with a growth mindset.– A Builder. Has experience building — and iterating on — programs, initiatives, or events which creatively and effectively meet the spiritual questions, needs, and growth edges of congregants that cultivate sustained engagement.– Integrity. Reliable, hard-working, honest, trustworthy, and generous spirited.…TO LEAD IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS OF MINISTRY:Each position represents, roughly, a half-time set of responsibilities. If you are interested in a full-time position, please understand that you will need to express interest in two or more areas of ministry. (Rather than offer pre-bundled position descriptions, what we seek isto find the right people for the team who can lead our various ministries well.)OPEN POSITIONS:Musical Worship: Vocals – See position description for additional application requirementsMusical Worship: Instrumental – See position description for additional application requirementsPastor for Liturgical Worship: Arts and Liturgy (*MDiv and ordination preferred)Discipleship: Learning + Spiritual GrowthDiscipleship: Service, Justice and Community LifeAPPLICATION DEADLINE: April 30th, 2023

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COVER LETTER– Why do you sense a call to join the ministries of City Church San Francisco?– The ways in which you have demonstrated the five characteristics described above in previous areas of ministry leadership.– What areas of ministry in which we seek leadership do you feel most gifted or called to serve?



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