Executive Pastor of Adult Ministry

Faithbridge | Spring, TX
Date posted: November 24, 2022
Executive Pastor of Adult Ministry
Contact Name: Sarah Meggers
Contact Email: [email protected]
Deadline: January 23, 2023


Faithbridge is a community church located in the heart of Northwest Houston, serving individuals and families in the Spring-Klein, Tomball, Cypess, and The Woodlands areas. We are focused on a central theme of worship plus two where spiritual life is enriched through active participation in worship, serving, and growth in small groups. We have vibrant ministries for adults, kids, and students inside the church and on mission in our community and abroad.

Denomination: Non-Denominational

Weekly Attendance: 1,580


At Faithbridge, we exist to make more and stronger disciples of Jesus Christ who make more and stronger disciples of Jesus Christ. We are a vibrant church helping families grow in their faith in Christ and serving in practical ways within the church and throughout the community. More and more people, across all generations, are coming to worship, growing closer to God, and joining in fellowship with each other through small and large group Bible studies and real life application classes.


Our vision is to be a bridge of faith to people every day.

We envision a church that shines brightly with the transforming light of Jesus Christ into a world of darkness, where non-churched, once churched, and badly churched people of Northwest Houston find their souls resurrected to abundant life in Christ. We dream of a church where people experience powerful worship services that bring them closer to God. We see a church that raises up children, youth, and adults into growing disciples who meet in authentic small groups throughout the community for encouraging fellowship and who, in turn, mentor and develop new generations of fully devoted followers of Christ. We dream of a church where all people use the gifts and talents God has given them, in order that the entire church may function as a whole body of Christ. We envision a church where those who have preaching gifts do the preaching, and where those having teaching gifts do the teaching. Where those with shepherding gifts do the shepherding, and where those with hospitality gifts warm things up. Where those with compassion and mercy gifts offer compassion and mercy; where administrators administrate, leaders lead, and where all the other spiritual gifts mentioned in Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12, Ephesians 4, and 1 Peter 4 are utilized effectively. We dream of a church that refuses to be ingrown or self-focused but instead channels its redemptive power into the world through compassionate acts of service—showing God’s love to others by its involvement with local, national, and world missions, as well as planting new churches. We envision a church so full of love and amazed by grace that people cannot constrain themselves from sharing generously of their resources and material possessions with those in need. We dream of a church that stands firmly on the foundation of God’s Word as contained in the Bible, depends on prayer and fasting as its source of power, and looks to the Holy Spirit as central to all its activity—filling, guiding, and empowering our lives.



Faithbridge is seeking their next Executive Pastor of Adult Ministry. This person is an Executive Team member who directly leads the Adult Ministry in bringing congregants of Faithbridge into a stronger relationship with Christ. This person will build teams, processes, and structures, and innovate and execute plans that move people from being disconnected from God into being fully formed in Christ.

The Executive Pastor of Adult Ministry Responsibilities Include:

  • Acts as the primary architect for the creation of a leadership development strategy that inspires, equips, and reproduces leaders.
  • Champions the fulfillment of Jesus’ command to make more and stronger disciples.
  • Establishes and casts vision for our discipleship pathway.
  • Inspires spiritual growth through taking discipleship next steps.
  • Develops our Grow, Care and Prayer, Connections, and Serve team staff and servers.
  • Works collaboratively to create annual ministry plans that infuse transformational community into every ministry at Faithbridge.
  • Works with other senior leaders to establish metrics that help us gauge progress and make better decisions.
  • Establishes systems and processes that facilitate and track spiritual growth.
  • Fulfills essential pastoral needs including, but not limited to, weekend pastoral duties, holiday seasons, hospital visits, marriages, funerals, baptisms, etc.

The above summary of duties represents the major tasks and duties. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities. Therefore, this pastor may perform other related tasks under the direction of the Senior Executive Pastor.



Education & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree is required. Preference will be given to candidates with additional education in Christian Ministry, Theology, Divinity, or Leadership.
  • Preference will be given to candidates with significant experience in developing and successfully implementing a discipleship model including its leadership development, discipleship pathways, and structures.

Core Competencies:

Catalytic Leader

    • Models servant leadership, empowers, and positions others for growth and wins, and actively builds a culture of leadership development.
    • Initiates and effects meaningful change.
    • Casts compelling vision, both interpersonal and in group settings.
    • Generates and accelerates organizational momentum leading to excellent performance.
    • Delivers results based on metrics.
    • Identifies, develops, and empowers leaders and fosters a culture of leadership development.

Community Builder

    • Champions the building of transformational community by living out, communicating the value of and actively developing biblical community.
    • Attracts and inspires other by exhibiting humility, passion, authenticity, and joy.
    • Demonstrates relational availability and openness.
    • Manages a broad spectrum of relationships (senior leadership, staff, key leaders, new people, etc.) with intentionality.
    • Resolves conflict biblically and gracefully, and replicates that approach in others.


    • Demonstrates a passion to communicate God’s truth in a variety of ways.
    • Informs and inspires for kingdom growth and impact in all written and spoken media (informally, formally, personally, and publicly).
    • Articulates Faithbridge’s mission, vision and values effectively in a variety of contexts.
    • Recognizes and leverages communication technology in ways that engage and inspire in relevant ways.


    • Champions the Faithbridge DNA, mission, vision, values and ministry approach.
    • Lives a lifestyle of actively pursuing Christ’s teachings.
    • Embodies and pursues Faithbridge’s mission, vision, values, and ministry philosophy.
    • Guards our DNA by identifying and correcting drift.
    • Tells stories that exemplify our DNA.
    • Owns a personal vision and passion for ministry in the four houses.
    • Drives for mission accomplishment and continuous improvement.
    • Leads ministry teams toward alignment to centralized strategies, processes and procedures.
    • Demonstrates full support of Faithbridge’s leadership.


    • Provides personalized spiritual guidance towards becoming more like Jesus.
    • Identifies where people are spiritually and equips and leads them to take spiritual next steps.
    • Leads people toward increased levels of engagement in our church.

Strategic Thinker

    • Clearly defines the “end goal” and establishes short and long term strategies that will actualize that end goal.
    • Demonstrates big picture thinking and can clearly articulate the vision and mission of an organization/ministry.
    • Establishes priorities, strategies, and goals in line with the vision and mission of the organization/ministry.
    • Clearly and accurately identifies the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in his/her organization/ministry.
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