Full-Time Settled Pastor

St. Peter's United Church of Christ | Kiel, WI
Date posted: December 17, 2021
Full-Time Settled Pastor
Contact Name: Randy Olm
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 9202075502
Deadline: 01-31-2022

We are a strong rural UCC church in Kiel, WI.

We are looking for a compassionate, personable faith leader with a strong faith to co-minister with us. Our ideal candidate is one who can relate the scripture to our daily lives and effectively communicate, work , and partner with us to encourage spiritual growth and acts of faith among our youth and adults.

Core Competencies: Is a compassionate, caring, and approachable person. Gives sermons relatable to daily life. Makes pastoral calls on members, including those in hospitals, nursing homes, and those confined to home. Has a strong commitment to the education ministry of the children and adults and is effective in working with children and youth programming. Establish roots and develop relationships with the community.
Salary Basis: $ to be negotiated
Benefits: Salary plus Benefits – With some pastor contribution to retirement and health insurance plan costs (to be negotiated) Housing allowance to be designated by pastor out of total salary package
How to apply:
Contact Randy Olm.
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