Minister of Engagement and Formation

Countryside Community Church | Omaha, NE
Date posted: February 16, 2021
Minister of Engagement and Formation
Contact Name: Dan Loven-Crum
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 402.391.0350
Deadline: April 1, 2021

Countryside is affiliated with the United Church of Christ. We were established in 1949 as part of the Congregational Church, one of the oldest denominations in America, which still remains strong in the New England states. In 1957, our branch of the Congregational Church joined with the Reformed Church in the United States, independent congregations of the Christian Connection, and the Evangelical Synod of North America to form what is now commonly known as the United Church of Christ, or the UCC.

In the spring of 2019, the congregation relocated to the Tri-Faith Commons at 132nd and Pacific as the Christian partner of the Tri-Faith Initiative. See for more information on the Tri-Faith Initiative.

What we believe: We are an inclusive, open and affirming family of faith, welcoming all to God’s table of love and acceptance. We are diverse, yet united by Christ’s example. We care for one another, support one another, and challenge one another to become all that God creates us to be. We work together to nurture our community and to promote peace and justice in our conflicted world.

Job Description

Specific areas of leadership responsibility include:

  • Tri-Faith
    • Serve on the Tri-Faith Board as our congregation’s ministerial representative, as well as the main leader in the partner Tri-Faith clergy group.
    • Serve as the public face of Countryside to the Tri-Faith community, developing relationships with the Tri-Faith Initiative organization staff and our Tri-Faith partners at Temple Israel and the American Muslim Institute.
    • Develop our role as the Tri-Faith Christian Partner among our interfaith communities.
    • Lead the alignment of our ministries to our Tri-Faith and overall congregational vision.
    • Develop the lay leadership that will enhance the Tri-Faith vision in our church and its transformative effect on our ministries.
    • Engage Countryside’s other Tri-Faith Board members to work together to nurture and enhance our tri-faith vision.
    • Share active and ongoing communication with the congregation on all of the above.
  • Faith Formation and Engagement
    • Oversee and lead the Director of Youth and Family to ensure a robust program of faith formation for children and youth, participating in vision and goal-setting for this programming in line with our priorities, and supporting implementation of same.
    • Liaise with and support the Board of Christian Education and Board of Youth through the Director of Youth and Family and personally, guiding these boards to develop the vision and goals for the Youth and Family programming.
    • Responsible for leading the Center for Faith Studies and leading Center for Faith Studies staff. Lead in the development and implementation of goals for this ministry.
    • Utilize technology available to enhance the engagement of members.
    • Responsible for engaging members in meaningful education and engagement programming, including but not limited to small groups, to help members learn of God’s love and care and call for our lives.
    • Lead engagement staff to create and enhance opportunities for individual engagement, such as justice witness and creation justice.
    • Liaise with Board of Christian Outreach and Board of Life Ministries on member engagement. Guide these boards in setting vision and goals for member engagement, and implement same.
  • Discernment Process
    • Co-lead the discernment process that will guide the congregation to determine the vision of who we want to become, the leadership and governance model we will use, and how to infuse our presence on the Tri-Faith Commons into our vision and ministries, while incorporating organizational agility.


Expectations of all Leadership Team members are to:

  • Nurture a healthy spiritual life individually and together.
  • Work collaboratively and collegially, sharing the responsibility for healthy Leadership Team connection and function.
  • Exercise responsibility, leadership, and authority within their portfolio while consulting with the other LT members, lay leadership, and staff. It is expected that input will be sought and collaboration will occur in each area, but the designated LT member will be responsible for the leadership and ensuring the needs for each function are successfully met and related actions are completed.
  • Communicate in a timely and effective manner to individuals and the congregation.
  • Develop, support and manage the staff in their areas of responsibility.
  • Develop and support the lay leadership of the church including attending Church Council and other meetings.
  • Participate in the pastoral care needs of the church.
  • Share in the officiation of church sacraments (communion and baptisms) as well as weddings and funerals for participants in our church community (ministers).
  • Participate in denominational activities such as conference committees and meetings.
  • Commit to professional development, study and prayer to increase faith and to improve skills to continuously improve as a leader, teacher and preacher.
  • Be accountable to the congregation through the Church Council, Personnel Committee, and Leadership Relations Committee


Salary Basis: $65,000 – $85,000 based on skills and experience

Benefits: $25,000 – $35,000

Salary plus Benefits: $80,000 – $120,000

Application Instructions

Send resume and video examples of preaching to: [email protected]

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