Minister of Youth Programming

New Faith Baptist Church | Matteson, IL
Date posted: May 28, 2021
Minister of Youth Programming
Contact Name: Rev. Gregory Powell
Contact Email: [email protected]
Deadline: July 30, 2021

Job Description

Minister of Youth Programming: To provide and maintain quality creative ministries that will lead youth to spiritual growth, maturity and win souls for Christ. To develop programming for cultural, educational, life skills and career/life planning. To serve the church by developing, coordinating and administering an effective and comprehensive expanding ministry to junior high and high school youth and provide leadership to and supervision of volunteers involved in the ministry. To develop effective support and outreach to college students. To provide leadership for young adult ministry, both for human development and resource youth ministry volunteers.


Strong discipleship/mentoring skills, and passion to carry out the mission and vision of New Faith Baptist Church International. Must demonstrate excellence in communicating Biblical truths to promote life change. Must have the ability to lead, inspire and train and work productively with volunteers. Should be an effective communicator with experience in teaching large bible class groups. Must be knowledgeable of various social media, particularly those most relevant to youth and able to develop and utilize social media for ministry purposes. Must have an outreach focus and able to maintain public relations communications and collaboration with local schools, recreation centers and other youth relevant institutions.

Time Commitment

Sunday-10am to 3pm
Wednesday-3pm to close
Saturday-8am to 7pm
other weekdays TBD


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