Parish Associate

United Church of Chapel Hill | Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Date posted: May 7, 2019
Parish Associate
Contact Name: Julie Mitchell
Deadline: Saturday, June 15, 2019


United Church of Chapel Hill is a congregation of more than 800 members with three regular worship services on Sunday mornings, including a growing Spanish language ministry. Our congregation is highly committed to racial equity and to the elevation of women’s voices for proclaiming the Gospel.


United Church of Chapel Hill is searching for an experienced pastoral leader to join our staff team as a Parish Associate. This is a part time position intended to supplement our pastoral resources for caregiving and worship leadership. Although the details of the position are negotiable with right candidate, the parish associate will work approximately 10-20 hours weekly.

She will be a regular, vocal, and visible contributor to the church’s life of worship, leading in liturgy and prayers almost weekly and preaching 4-6 times annually. The parish associate is also a key member of the pastoral team in extending caregiving ministries throughout the church. She will provide spiritual care directly to members of the church by making occasional house calls and hospital visits, but a higher priority for her will be to equip the congregation as a community of caregivers. Therefore we are looking, especially, for a parish associate who will bring spiritual gifts for teaching, building systems, and creating a culture of caregiving that will permeate the whole church.



Compassion and Care: Exudes a natural sense of care for the well-being of others; responds with empathy to the life circumstances of others; communicates a sense of support in his or her very presence; demonstrates appropriate and boundaried expressions of care.

Self-Differentiation: Demonstrates strong and appropriate personal boundaries in relationships; has a healthy appreciation of self, without being egotistical; is emotionally mature; can maintain a non-anxious presence in the midst of turmoil; not overly dependent upon outside affirmation; works to build a strong personal support system.

Spiritual Maturity: Shows strong personal depth and spiritual grounding; demonstrates integrity by walking the talk, and by responding with constancy of purpose; is seen by others as trustworthy and authentic; nurtures a rich spiritual life; seeks the wisdom and guidance of appropriate mentors; is able to articulate a clear and consistent theology.

Pastoral Care/Counseling: Demonstrates the ministry of presence; creates a spirit of openness that invites those who are spiritually or emotionally troubled to confide in her/him; demonstrates appropriate pastoral care boundaries, recognizing his or her own limitations as a care provider; respects confidences; appropriately refers congregants along to other professional care providers as warranted.

Visitation: Moves comfortably and easily around those who are ill or suffering; generates a sense of calm, hopeful presence; offers appropriate prayers and facilitates rituals that invite healing; demonstrates appropriate personal boundaries when caring for the ill and dying; stands as a calm, sure presence in the face of death.

Ordained ministerial standing in the United Church of Christ; readiness to receive an ordainable call; or ability to receive privilege of call in the United Church of Christ.
In addition to theological formation and preparation for ordained ministry, advanced coursework in pastoral counseling or social work preferred.


Send resume or CV along with letter of interest to chair Julie Mitchell at Other inquiries to Senior Pastor Cameron Barr at


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