Heritage Presbyterian Church | Carol Stream, IL
Date posted: September 24, 2021
Contact Name: Dan Wennerholm
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 630-688-8447
Deadline: December 31, 2021

Church Leadership Connection
The Call System for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Mif #: 10363.AC0 Ministry General Information

Ministry Number 10363

Ministry Name Heritage Presbyterian Church

Mailing Address 965 Kuhn Road
Carol Stream, IL 60188

Phone (630) 665-4121

Ministry Size Under 100 members

Ethnic Composition

Black or African American (African Native, Caribbean) 7%

Hispanic Latino/Latina, Spanish 1%

Middle Eastern 1%

Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 1%

White 90%

Average Worship Attendance 42

Church School Attendance 7

Curriculum Curriculum varies from year to year, currently Cokesbury’s Virtual Sunday School

Yoked False



Community Type Suburban

Information about the position

Position: Solo Pastor

Experience Required: First Ordained Call

Specific Title:

Employment Status: Full-time

Language Requirements:


Other Language:
Statement of Faith Required: True Clergy Couples: True

Training/Certificate Requirements:

Church Leadership Connection
The Call System for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Other Training:

Brief Church Mission Statement:

Heritage is a family in Christ that strives to serve others in His love.

What is the congregation’s or organization’s vision for ministry:

Heritage seeks to know God through worship, study, and ministry. We believe we are called to serve God by serving others, sharing sacraments, and sharing the Gospel by ministering to our children, congregation, and community. We are inclusive and each person is welcomed as a unique child of God. Each member has a calling and each has been graced by God with certain gifts to share.

Within Heritage, ministry includes Sunday school for our children and adults, Bible study, and fellowship. Outreach ministry is led by individuals and collectively through our Missional Action Committee. We collaboratively work with local churches and organizations to provide Vacation Bible School, the Summer Lunch program, and PADS, a program to help the homeless. Our ministry extends to the local food pantry, outreach programs, mission trips, Church World Service, and other valuable programs identified by our church family. Within the past several years our church has participated in reading programs for children, provided necessities to a local women’s shelter, and many more. Heritage ministry has also included theatrical productions, rummage sales, and cookie walks. We built a Peace Park on our property for the benefit of the neighboring apartments.

Throughout Covid, our congregation has used Zoom for fellowship, Bible study, and weekly prayer group. We have used Facebook Live for worship and continued financial giving to our ministries.

How do you feel called to reach out to address the emerging needs of your community or constituency:

Homelessness and hunger are significant issues in our county despite its wealth. As Christians, we are all called to imitate Christ by caring for others. Heritage is committed to acts of service and assistance by involvement in local and global organizations, through active participation and partnership.

Locally, we support the Carol Stream Food Drive, Outreach Community Center, Neighborhood Food Pantries, DuPage PADS, Lutheran Church Breakfast with Baby ministry, and Interfaith Food Pantry. We provide assistance through volunteering and donations of supplies and/or money. Heritage initiated a summer lunch program, enlisting the help of a local school district, churches, and boards of the village, library, and park. We served lunch daily in the summers until Covid ended the program.

Heritage also completed a multiyear outreach project to build a Peace Park with playground on our property to share our space with the adjoining apartment complex. Enhancements to the park included benches, trees for shade, and a Peace Pole. The Peace Pole states ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’ in eight languages and is prominently located to invite everyone to enjoy.

Globally, we contribute annually to the four PC(USA) Special Offerings, Church World Service Hygiene Kits collection, and CROP Hunger Walk. During Covid we were able to continue our partnerships and financial support of these programs.

How will this position help you to reach your vision and mission goals:

Church Leadership Connection
The Call System for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Our pastor will lead us with energy, intelligence, imagination, and love … all with a joyful heart.

Our pastor will honor our traditions, while leading us to embrace the change that is an inevitable part of life today. That will mean both building on what we are already doing and helping us discover new ways to serve our members and community. It may mean ‘being church’ in ways we have yet to envision.

Our pastor will guide us in discerning what new ministries God is calling us to engage in, and will join us in being God’s presence in the community.

Our pastor will work to enhance the Christian practices of hospitality and mutual care.

While our children are few in number, they are precious in God’s sight. Our pastor will know and care for them, helping the church guide them in their faith journeys.

Our pastor will engage with us, helping us to discover and utilize our God-given talents. The pastor will do this through preaching, teaching, overseeing, and guiding committees and church leaders.

Our pastor will encourage and equip us as we seek to discern God’s call for us as disciples and as the church.

Our pastor will explore with us what it means to grow in our faith, to share our faith with others, and to grow Christ’s body here at Heritage.

Provide a description of the characteristics needed by the person who is open to being called to this congregation and or organization:

We seek a person who strongly feels called by God to our church, and who has a thriving and fervent relationship with Christ. We seek an engaging, challenging, and inspiring preacher.

We value personal warmth, compassion, creativity, and enthusiasm. We seek someone who will pray and fellowship with us. We desire a pastor who is comfortable interacting with all ages. Our pastor must work collaboratively with church leadership, leading with kindness and understanding.

Our pastor will inspire us to study God’s Word and grow in faith, enriching our lives and equipping us to serve as Christ’s disciples in an increasingly secular world. We desire a pastor who is willing to engage with the community.

We seek a pastor who possesses the following qualities: respectful of others, a good listener, patient, empathetic spiritual counselor, humble, a sense of humor; action-oriented, but also a good delegator; effective communicator, administrator, and organizer.

What specific tasks, assignments, and program areas will this person have responsibility?

The pastor is responsible for a quality of life and relationships that commends the Gospel to all persons and communicates its joy and justice. In specific, the pastor shall be responsible for the following tasks:

Study and preach the Word; lead worship and administer the Sacraments; teach occasional Bible study groups; officiate at weddings and funerals; pray with and for the congregation.

Provide spiritual and administrative leadership for the congregation, assist boards and committees in their ministry; serve as moderator of the session and head of staff.

Exercise pastoral care with the ruling elders; share in the ministries of compassion, witness, and service with the deacons.

Participate in the Presbytery; represent the church in the community.
Train newly elected officers and assist in preparing persons for membership, including confirmands.

Instruct and equip the congregation in our deliberate and intentional witness to Christ to others, both in word and in deed.

Engage with church leaders and congregation in fulfilling its God-given mission and ministry.

Optional Links:

Church Leadership Connection
The Call System for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Leadership Competencies:


Preaching and Worship Leadership

Public Communicator

Media Communicator

Change Agent

Organizational Agility

Strategy and Vision

Interpersonal Engagement



Compensation and Housing: Cost of Living Calculator

Minimum Effective Salary: $54,000

Housing Type: Housing Allowance

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