Pastor for Youth + Mission

UCC Congregational of Medina | Medina, OH
Date posted: May 18, 2022

Organization Description

Changing the world and our church every day: Welcome to the United Church of Christ, Congregational of Medina, Ohio. At Medina UCC, we support our community and change the world little by little in mission to others. Some ways we change the world are by going every year to Costa Rica to have a mission trip building houses there, helping lots of people less fortunate than us to have homes. Locally we work on many projects including the Linus Project in which we make blankets for kids in the community. We have a growing church community with funny and exciting youth groups. You will have a big impact on our youth as you guide them every year to new ideas and creative thinking. You will be making kids who go out into the world as out-of-the-box thinkers and initiative takers. Some of the ways you can help our church and community are by using your amazing ideas that we would love to hear as we work to be more than just a Church on Sunday. We hope that you apply to our church!

Job Description

The Pastor for Youth + Mission will have primary responsibility and oversight for the ministries with High School youth and young adults, engaging them in fellowship, worship, mission and faith exploration. The position will also engage the whole congregation in mission and justice ministries.The job description and our local church profile is posted on and you can view it here.

Hours and Salary

Full time with salary and benefits based on education and experience.

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