Senior Pastor

Plymouth Church United Church of Christ | Shaker Heights, OH
Date posted: November 17, 2020
Senior Pastor
Contact Name: Robert Woolfrey
Contact Email: [email protected]
Deadline: January 31, 2021

Plymouth Church of Shaker Heights, is a multigenerational and multicultural faith community. An Open and Affirming Congregation we embrace those of varying theological and political beliefs, and differing ethnic, socio-economic, and educational backgrounds. We joyfully welcome all in worship, ministry, fellowship, leadership, service, sacraments and blessings!

Job Description

We seek to call a senior minister who is a gifted preacher who brings to our weekly worship a Christ-centered, biblically informed message that applies to our lives today. We seek a strong and effective leader who can work collaboratively, recognizing and nurturing the gifts of our existing staff and lay leadership. We hope to call a strategic and innovative thinker who can lead our diverse congregation in ways that encourage us to grow in our faith and find new ways to reach out to our community in service. Please check our website and our church profile to learn more.

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Purpose: Responsible for the leadership and development of the ministry of the church, preaching and teaching the Word, providing pastoral care, managing all staff/paid employees of the congregation and overseeing administrative functions.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Worship

a. Preparation and leadership of Sunday worship, utilizing the gifts of the Associate Minister and staff, including scripture study, crafting of liturgy and bulletin, sermon preparation, finding and guiding lay liturgists, planning of music in coordination with music staff, Minister of Music and the Arts, preaching, offering of prayers, and working with the Worship Department to create and design worship.

b. Celebrate the sacraments according to the tradition of the United Church of Christ.

c. Officiate at weddings, funerals, memorial services and other services as needed

2. Pastoral Care

a. Provide pastoral care and visits to those who are hospitalized, recovering, or homebound, in collaboration with Associate Minister and lay members.

b. Provide counseling, especially during wedding planning, and times of grief and loss, as requested.

c. Welcome guests, visit potential members, and, in collaboration with lay leaders, conduct new member/inquirer classes.

3. Education and Faith Formation

a. Be a resource for faith development opportunities through prayer, service, leading Bible study and/or book studies, and other opportunities for spiritual development.

4. Mission

a. Revising church constitution/bylaws and church policies, if not revised prior to arrival, in order to facilitate efficient, mission aligned church governance.

b. Reach out the wider Shaker Heights, and Cleveland community as a representative of the church as we seek to develop partnerships with other organizations and communities.

c. In collaboration with lay leaders and volunteers, educate and engage the congregation in mission outside the doors of the church building.

5. Administration

a. As the head administrator, supervise all church staff, and with assistance from the Personnel Committee, guide personnel/staff relations, providing annual evaluations and reviews.

b. Conduct staff meetings, preferably weekly, to coordinate congregational life and the ministries of the church and provide support to staff members.

c. Attend meetings and give leadership as needed to church programs, in collaboration with lay leadership – in particular Church Council, Building & Grounds, Finance Committee and the Worship Department.

d. Educating lay leaders in their roles of governance and ministry.

e. Represent the congregation in the larger community of Shaker Heights, Cleveland, in the UCC and beyond.

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