Senior Pastor

First Congregational Church of Rochester, MI | Rochester, MI
Date posted: October 31, 2020
Senior Pastor
Contact Name: Abbie Goerg
Contact Email: [email protected]
Deadline: December 31, 2020

Before COVID-19, members were asked to imagine FCC in 2025. Some saw doubled attendance, new justice ministries, and larger budgets, but one group simply wrote “First Congregational in 2025: Still being the church.” We’re looking for the next person who can join us to “be the pastor” in the same way that we will continue to “be the church”. Rochester itself is part of greater Detroit. If it isn’t big time sports, there are concerts, lectures, art exhibits or other activities to attend. The area’s history and diversity make for interesting neighborhoods, and the value placed on education makes for excellent schools. Small town feel and big city opportunities–that’s Rochester!

Job Description

Worship: Lead weekly worship; preach relevant biblical messages, set seasonal services; lead weddings/funerals; administer sacraments.

Discipleship: Assist in faith formation; teach as requested; identify/develop teachers; lead confirmation/new member classes.

Leadership: Cast the vision; lead staff; empower all leaders; assist in hiring, promote stewardship.

Administration: Attend Leadership/Congregational meetings; set FCC’s direction; resource ministry teams; align resources with mission; identify new leaders.

Pastoral Care: Respond to care needs; visit senior/home-bound members; assist Called to Care Team; provide counseling (referring as appropriate); comfort the bereaved.

Outreach: Extend ministry to all within FCC’s sphere of influence; coordinate with Neighborhood House director.

Denomination: Represent FCC at all UCC levels; participate in UCC activities; communicate information/resources.

Personal: Pursue professional development; take all paid time off; spend time in prayer, study, and spiritual disciplines; abide by the UCC Ministerial Code.


Qualifications: M.Div. or equivalent, eligible for UCC licensure; pastoral experience (preferred), communication, collaboration, and caring skills; a servant’s heart.

Application Instructions

Contact Abbie Goerge (Search and Call Team Chairperson) for full profile.

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