Settled Pastor

Chewelah United Church of Christ | Chewelah, WA
Date posted: April 15, 2019
Settled Pastor
Contact Name: Judith Bean PhD
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (509) 935-8046
Deadline: Monday, May 20, 2019

Chewelah United Church of Christ (UCC) is excited to recruit a pastor in an open and affirming congregation located in scenic Northeast Washington State. While honoring the spiritual traditions of this 140 year-old congregation, Chewelah UCC is focused on service to God, our neighbors, community, and a safe, caring world and its environment. The numerous ministries of this church provide love and caring for the congregation, long-term care residents, youth; food pantries and meals; housing for service groups e.g., AA, Scouts, Meditation groups, Writers’ groups, Women’s Marches, as well as “services for the unchurched”. A collaborative partner in an ecumenical “Faith Resources Group”, Chewelah UCC joins our neighbors in advocating and enacting “A Just World for All”.

This openly welcoming congregation seeks a pastor who is friendly; caring; effective with all ages, especially youth; involved in community life; and a good communicator as well as Spiritual Guide. Members look forward to joyful, thought provoking, uplifting, and challenging sermons/messages.

Congregational learning during a period of transition has set goals of a growing membership, especially among younger members and families, and vibrant worship services including the creative use of technology and music to enhance traditional and Coffee House services.

Referred to locally as “that Hope church”, Chewelah UCC invites your application and commitment to serve alongside us.
Chewelah is a small, rural community with four seasons, and nature out your backdoor – a major ski area, 27 hole-golf course, lakes, mountains, hunting, wildlife – only 45 minutes north of Spokane with major airports, medical schools/services, and shopping. Chewelah, a community of people who care about each other and work together, has an active arts community with a Performing Arts Center, Museum, Library, radio station, hospital, schools, nearby colleges and universities.

1. Prepare & lead Sunday morning service including crafting liturgy and bulletin, sermon preparation, coordinating music with music director, preaching, utilizing new technology, and offering prayers.
2. Guide& assist the congregation in faith formation through prayer, Bible study and service.
3. Identify helpful resources for congregational enrichment and help the congregation use these resources.
4. Minister to those who are sick, elderly, in crisis, or grieving.
5. Participate in church meetings and church initiatives, preparation of reports and parts of newsletters.
6. Coordinate/Collaborate with church lay leadership, and keep regular weekly office hours in the church.
6. Participate in wider church activities such as conferences as time permits.
7. Lead congregational education and spiritual development.
8. Represent the church in the wider community and help to grow the church

Chewelah UCC is open to new or experienced pastors (see applcation questions ToBeAnswered)

Core Competencies:
Good preacher-accomplished speaker; engages with congregation -shows caring; works with youth- connects and is present.

Chewelah United Church of Christ, Chewelah Washington invites your application fora half-time pastor position which could begin as early as July, 2019.

This position posting is on the Chewelah UCC website for download. Application screening will commence on May 20, 2019. Applications received after that date will be held in the event of a second posting.

To be considered for Call, a completed application submission must include:
1) A Cover letter of interest/application (one-page preferred);

2) Completed and signed Application Form;
3) Resume;
4) Questions – to be answered by applicant;
5) A Video/flashdrive/link/CD of sermon/message being delivered (5-15 minutes recommended).
Electronic transmission of the application packet is preferred, however hard copy will be accepted. Please mail to Chewelah United Church of Christ , FAX to (509) 935-8046, or mail to Chewelah United Church of Christ, c/o Search, PO Box 378, Chewelah, WA 99109.
For more information regarding Job Description, the Church and geographic area please see the church website listed above. Questions may be emailed to or phoned to (509)-935-8046.

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