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Know Your Rights: A Guide to Your Rights When Interacting with Law Enforcement

You have rights regardless of your immigration status. You may be at risk of being deported if you are undocumented, if you are a non-citizen with a criminal history, if you are on parole or have a prior deportation order. To protect yourself, your family and your community you must KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.

Knowledge is power. Act NOW. Do not wait. Be prepared.

This guide contains:
– What you need to know and what to do when encountering immigration agents, the police or FBI in different places
– Information about how to read a warrant
– Twelve things for you and your family to remember in ANY situation
– Your Emergency Planning Checklist
– Your Emergency Contact Information Sheet
– Your plan for what to do if a loved one calls you from an immigration detention center or police station
– Your Workplace Planning Checklist


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